July 21, 2019

Pope Francis sure missed the boat in D.C.

By John Guy LaPlante

I felt so badly about that that I immediately dashed off a letter to the editor of the New York Times.  Short, sweet, and to the point. No more than 150 words, they say, though often I see that exceeded. They receive so many there’s a minimal chance mine will see the light of day. But here it is for you.

About: Pope Francis in  Washington

Dear Editor:

I am astonished Pope Francis did not squeeze in a stop at the Jesuits’ great and famous Georgetown University—Jesuit that he is and in fact one-time top boss for Jesuits (provincial) in  Argentina. I’d be surprised if his “brothers” at Georgetown—indeed also at our numerous other Jesuit universities and institutions—didn’t feel slighted.

 Imagine how blessed they would have felt to receive a visit from him, however brief. .And energized by the incredible and unprecedented  PR bonanza that would have resulted.  They’d  still be saying  Hail, Mary’s for his safe trip back to Rome. And eventual beatification, I’ll bet.

P.S. I have no Jesuit connection in any way.

John Guy LaPlante 

Of course I gave them all the contact information they require.

I’ll let you know if they print my letter.

I’d love it if somehow the Jesuits heard of my effort.

~ ~ ~ ~

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