September 27, 2020

When Trump got trumped!

By John Guy LaPlante

As we now know for sure, Trump is going to be the Republican candidate for President.  He has stunned us by the tremendous, frenzied (!) following he has whipped up.  An amazing following.  One for the record books.

His constant bellowing, and superman boasting, and wild insults, and nasty histrionics, so appalling to many of us, have so fascinated and won over so many  that he has clinched the delegates needed to face Hillary or Bernie. This despite nearly zero experience as a politician.

He may be our next president.  God forbid!

Well, one famous headliner saw through Trump long before this campaign. I’ll tell you who he was in a minute, and what he said. I loved it.

Like him, I deplore Trump.  Believe he is all wrong. Am praying he will be defeated.

Here’s how I size him up. I’m fighting hard to stay objective.

Trump is impressive in many ways. Enormously talented, clever, hard-working, totally determined to achieve all his objectives, whatever they happen to be at any minute, and at any cost, with failure to do so unthinkable and unacceptable. You agree?

His incredible business successes in diverse industries and the empire of big and ritzy properties he’s built up and the billion-dollar net worth that he uses as his measuring stick have proven this. Well, so it seems.

But some say not so. Point out that Trump has refused more than once to disclose his IRS returns despite heavy pressure (other candidates have) and that he is tied up in scores of civil lawsuits. He gives no hint of these troubles.

He turns me off many ways. The flaunting of his track record, his weak, off-the-top solutions, and his shocking contempt for so many of our minority citizens has been shameful, disgraceful.

Day after day, we have seen him boasting and boasting– and glowering, insulting, savaging any and all rivals, every one that has come up.

I don’t like him because he is wrong in his vision for our country, his government experience is nil, and in one word, he isn’t a gentleman.  Anything but.

He would be a flop, a disgrace to the office of President, and a costly embarrassment to us in country after country.  Already some of our best allies are sounding off about how awful he is. How they don’t want him elected!

Now, with all this off my chest, let me keep my promise and show you the comment that was said about Trump, to millions, not this week, not this month or this year.  Said way back in 1999!

I wasn’t searching for this.  I stumbled on it.

The words were by a commentator we all knew and listened to every week.

Who was he?  Here are his initials – A. R.  I am teasing you, I know.  Think back and figure out who he was.  I’ll bet you were one of his regular listeners. I’ll name him in a jiffy.

“Donald Trump is a rich person with a bad haircut who marries beautiful women. He wants to be President. Trump names buildings after himself.  The White House might be renamed the Trump House. He’s interested in the women’s movements. Maybe we do have Miss Universe on the Trump House lawn….  The winner would get one night in the Trump/Lincoln bedroom.”

Those few words make plain  his contempt.

Who was he?  The great Andy Rooney.

I have been reading his book, “Years of Minutes,” a compilation of some of his choice “A Few Minutes” on Sixty Minutes.

Remember how he would sound off? Time and again  expressing opinions that were shocking but deserved to be said.

He called the essay that I found this  comment in, “Where’s Abraham Lincoln?”  He was looking back to find Presidents—and some White House candidates who might have become President–who got great enough to be memorialized up on Mount Rushmore like Lincoln. He put Trump way down on  his  list.

Great reading!!

That’s what we need now. A heavyweight commentator with the sharp, insightful words to open the eyes of Trump’s cheering fans to the tragedy he  would be in  the White House.

Andy died in 2011. A curmudgeon, yes. But how we loved this curmudgeon. How he’d skewer Trump today! My oh my!

I worry that Trump may make it.  The huge number of impassioned voters that he has rallied has convinced me that we’re doing something very wrong.

Something so bad that these folks are  desperate for a new deal. And they see it in Trump’s wild rantings and impossible promises!

That’s the Number 1 problem we should tackle.


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