October 29, 2020

Off to California I will go. For good.

By John Guy LaPlante

After  years as a southern New Englander, I am frantically preparing  to be a Californian.

My dream Townhouse in Deep River just went on the market.  I am selling it myself as I did my previous condo here at Piano Works two years ago.

Soon 'twill be "Au revoir"!

          Soon ’twill be “Au revoir”!

Piano Works is the condominium I have been part off for going on 20 years , so named because it was a piano factory back when every middle-class family had to have a piano in the living room.

(It made all the mechanical parts, which it sold to companies who installed them in their fine wooden cases.)

My townhouse is unique in wonderful ways,  and the price is fair.  I hope it will be snapped up and I’ll skedaddle to Morro Bay shortly after Thanksgiving, before another tough Connecticut winter storms in.

All these years – except for my far-ranging travels and Peace Corps service in Ukraine, of course–I have lived in Rhode  Island, where I was born,  then Massachusetts through r my career years, and finally Connecticut for my glorious retirement  years (though I have never literally retired….).

All three of those states, by the way, could be tucked into a modest corner of California, of course.

There, besides enjoying the blessed moral support of my loving daughter, I will be living among palm trees and enjoying year-round balmy temperatures – no ice, no snow, though a chilly breeze seems to waft in steadily from the Pacific just a mile away.

I know Morro Bay well, I have visited there for Christmas for more than 20 years, and I have just spent two half years there.  I will let you guess which halves and I’m sure you will be right in your guessing.

I won’t have any culture shock to deal with. I’m beyond that.  I know Morro Bay well by  now  and I count  friends there and even a new life.  Well, at least a little new chapter, as a Saturday talk show host on the area’s community radio station, 97.3 FM (“The Rock,” as it calls itself).

I call my show “Gabbing with Old Guy John.” I get to chat with interesting guests and I learn a lot of great stuff and so do my listeners –which is the whole idea.

But leaving Deep River will be a wrench.   I admit that.  For close to 20 years, emotionally, Deep River has been home for me.  I have friends here. I love the town. I’ve had a role here. And I never tire of its great beauty.   But “C’est la vie!” to use the wise words spoken by some Frenchman no longer remembered.

Monique and David insisted on flying in to help me, and I said yes to that in less than 10 seconds.  In making plans, I insisted we’d work very hard but would take a fun break every day.  That never happened.  It was work all day long, from morn till night, day after day for eight days in all.

Monique is a decision-maker.  In a minute she became the boss and David and I snapped to it, hour after hour and day after day, and morning till night.  We sorted stuff, and there was so much of it. We shipped some stuff west, put some up for sale and gave tons away. It brought me close to tears.

David had a special extra role.  He had this little thing to fix or to adjust, and then that one,  and then that one.  You know how it is.  He’s very good at all that. And always cheerful about it. I’m a lucky fellow.

In a nutshell they really prepped my townhouse – “staged it” in realtor’s lingo–for its sale. What a terrific twosome.  They just left.  What they accomplished was marvelous beyond words. It would have been impossible for me without them.

I still have a fully furnished house though slimmed down.  I will have to find a buyer or give away everything that remains when I sell. No room for it in my place in California. Also my Hyundai Sonata.  I already have a vehicle there. Also my wonderful tricycle. I have one there also.

All this has exhausted me, physically and emotionally. But I will bounce back. The hard work was worth it all.

You may be curious about what I describe as my dream townhouse.

Click: http://newlondon.craigslist.org/reo/5793881974.htm .

It will take you to my Craigslist listing.  You will also get to see 24 photos there.  That will give you a decent inkling. Twenty-four is Craigslist’s max.  I wish I could have put in twice as many–my place is that interesting.

If you know of somebody yearning for an extraordinary little townhouse in an uncommonly nice little town, pass the link on. I will appreciate that.  My little place was really a gem of a find for me and I believe it would be for them.  Deep River and its neighbor towns were another gem of a find..

Yes, I will miss my townhouse and the community.  But I’ll have plenty of memories and photos to warm my heart.

And I will continue sending you posts from 3,000 miles due west. Probably after Thanksgiving, though.  But knowing myself, I will undoubtedly squeeze in a post or two before then.

If I survive this.  Just kidding.  I hope.

 As always,



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