February 7, 2023

Did I confuse you?

By John Guy LaPlante

Could be. If so, I’m sorry.

I’m referring to the blog post you just got from me: “Do your duty. Vote! But maybe better, don’t vote.”

I went on about that at length, stressing the importance of voting on issues and candidates we are familiar with. And refraining when we don’t have solid info.

And I concluded in saying about myself in latter cases, “But that’s what it might be my duty to do. Not vote.” I thought that was crystal clear. This is where I may have erred. You may have concluded I would not vote at all. No, no, no!

I have been voting since I came of age. IĀ  have no intention of stopping now.

I should have said, “my duty to do when I’m not clear about an issue or a candidate.”

I have this grave doubt because of the dearth of responses from you. Unusual. And the chiding from a couple of you.

If I misledĀ  you, my apologies.

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