February 7, 2023

This is an SOS, sort of

By John Guy LaPlante

Yes, my frantic cry for help—Help! Help! Help!

Oh, don’t panic. I’m not lost at sea or running out of gas in an airplane. But truly I am befuddled, frantic, perplexed, greatly frustrated.

Here’s why.

I’ve been a writer for more than 65 years. Newspaper reports. Magazine articles. Essays. Opinion pieces. Lots and lots of output. And for some years now, a blogger – I write not on paper any more but online as the author of blog posts. “Post” is the digitalized word for what I used to write and publish on paper.

A month ago, the big, nasty problem popped up. I would write my post and yes, it would be published.  Meaning it would land as usual in the archive of my posts on my website, www.johnguylaplante.com. But it wouldn’t get emailed to you and my other subscribers, who are many.

What a headache. How come? I don’t know. Nor do a couple of hi-tech friends who have bailed me out of hi-tech breakdowns in the past.

But this morning I was sitting and brooding about it. I’m an old, old guy, as you know, but I don’t want to quit. I enjoy this work, lucky me, and I want to keep at this writing. It’s good for my spirits and my soul.

And I’m encouraged that some of you enjoy what I put out, sure, some pieces more than others, which is understandable. I enjoy the feedback you give me, well, some of you. In fact, this online back and forth is a good part of my social life.

But as I was brooding about it, I thought, Hey! Maybe this crazy problem has worked itself out somehow. Maybe the publishing app is really working again. Maybe I’ve been assuming all along it’s still broken but maybe it isn’t.

You know, strange, wonderful, miraculous things like that are known to happen,

So I’m putting it to the test. This instant. I’m going to send you this very message. Yes, as a post. I’m going through all the necessary steps. And I’m going to send it on to you and all my other subscribers.

All I’m asking you to do is to tell me you got it. Just email me back saying, “I got it, John!”

If I do hear that from you, I’ll know I’m in business again.  Glory be! Hallelujah!

Hope my SOS works!

I’m pressing the magic button right now. This post  should land in your Inbox in minutes.

I know some of you go online only occasionally. No problem. Just let me know asap. I’ll be keeping count.  Very nervously and apprehensively. The more of you, the better. I know you understand. Thank you!

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