February 7, 2023

Friends, four things to tell you today.

Yes, just four!

And I’ll make this short and sweet. Impossible, some of you are thinking. It’s 180 degrees contrary to my nature.

 Well, I’ll prove to you right now that I can write short and sweet.

 1.Thank you to those of you who let me know that you got my “I’m blogging again” post. Very nice of you.

 2. Some of you asked whether I’m okay. You were worried about my unusual silence. I am! Your concern made me feel good.

 3. If you haven’t gotten a thank you note from me yet, my apologies, please. So busy here! I’ll do my best to catch up.

 4. This is a further test that the app that I use to deliver my posts to you is truly doing its job. If you get this, just send me three words back, please: “John, got it!” And I’ll know I’m back in business.

 Have I been short and sweet? Oh, come on now! (Chuckle, please!)

 Best!  John


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