February 7, 2023

To the Friends of John Guy LaPlante


This is his daughter, Monique Nelson. I am sure some of you are concerned. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from him – John is ill. After 12 days at French Hospital in San Luis Obispo, he’s now at a rehab center. Here’s what happened.

John is 90 years old and lives alone in his mobile home. He never, never thought he’d live in a mobile home. Today he feels it’s the best home possible for him at this time in his life. It’s all on one floor and, wonder of wonders, most of his mobile home has light coming in on three sides which makes it bright and cheerful. It’s in a very fine community of 55 such homes, and there’s a lot of friendship.

Now here’s what went wrong.

He was changing his clothes when he slid off the bed and landed on the floor. He couldn’t get up. His Great Call button didn’t work. It took him a long time to reach his cell phone and even longer for help to arrive. He waited on his back for a few hours before my husband, David, and I got his message and rushed over there. The paramedics showed up a few minutes after us. John was shaken up but, luckily, not seriously hurt. He came home with us for the night, but felt able to go home the next day.

The same thing happened again the next day! He slid off his bed and couldn’t get up from a sitting position on the floor. At least this time, Great Call worked. They called David who went right over and, with the help of a neighbor, raised him to his feet. Again not seriously hurt, but some big bruises on his arm and knees.

John insisted on staying at home, so we made some changes to his bedroom to make it safer and prevent any more accidents. We also went back to check on him that night. Things went smoothly and we all thought the problem was solved.

…Until the third time he fell, the following day. I found him this time, again on his back in his room. I called David who came right over and helped right John. This time we insisted on bringing him to the Morro Bay Fire Department to be checked out by the paramedics.

The paramedics felt it urgent that John go to the Emergency Room. David took him. The paramedics wanted to take him the 20 miles by ambulance, but John felt David would get him there faster. It turned out he had pneumonia and related problems. John spent the next 12 days in the hospital. He’s now at a very nice rehab center continuing to recover from the pneumonia and regaining his strength.

What’s interesting is that a few of you go back to his young manhood days. Some of you live in many different parts of the United States. Some of you in other countries. You are all important to him.

He looks forward to being in contact with you as usual.

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