February 7, 2023

Getting these blogs out to you is trickier than you may think.

Dear Readers,

It is not always easy to be sure my friends and family are notified about a new blog post. It is trickier than you may think. It involves using an app called MailChimp. Very popular. But sometimes this Chimp plays tricks.

Some of you may get my blog. Some of you may not.

What to do?

I have an expert helping me. A dear friend. Sheila. She has been helping me for many years.

She is suggesting that I get all three of these blogs out to you. In a single blog. So here they are.

Feel free to forward them to any friends who may enjoy them.

And what would please me greatly would be to get a comment from you about blogs that you like or do not like. I am thick-skinned. But I would be delighted to hear back from you!

It’s a sad, sad writer who gets a feeling that he has very few readers out there.

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  1. Katherine S Upchurch says

    You DO have readers – I don’t read every one of your blogs but many. You have lived more lives than most of us combined and you are a model of how to continue LIVING as a senior citizen.

    I am so glad I could contribute to your long life in a small way!

    Keep it up!

    Dr. U

  2. Nigel Logan says

    John, Thank you for this. It’s a great way to give readers the opportunity to read one of your recent posts that they may have missed. Story to hear you are giving up driving but I fully understand. How great it is that you still have your tricycle!

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