February 7, 2023

Bon Voyage

With heavy hearts, we regret to tell you that our father, John Guy LaPlante, passed away peacefully at his home early Sunday, February 13, 2022.

John lived each day fully. Even at age 92, he would get on his tricycle to lunch at the Senior Center twice a week, visit the library every day it was open, and then go to McDonald’s for an afternoon cup of coffee. He followed this routine right up until early February.

John believed if you smiled at someone, they would smile back. He was proof of the old saying, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.”

He was endlessly curious about people – their interests, inventions, hobbies, and accomplishments.

John traveled the world, visiting a multitude of countries, never in first class. He preferred a simpler approach, wanting to experience a place and its culture more authentically and allowing him to “rub elbows” more easily with the people living there.

His Peace Corps experience, while very challenging in many ways, allowed him to immerse himself in the Ukrainian culture and make many new friends. At the same time, it satisfied a deep need in himself to serve others in a meaningful way.

A journalist to his core, he wanted to share all he experienced with others. Just a few hours before his passing, he expressed his desire to write a blog about hospice – saying he thought it would be interesting to his readers.

That brings us to you, his blog followers – his friends. John was so lucky to meet so many wonderful people. Thank you for enriching his life.

More details will be coming. In the meantime, we would welcome any stories or photos you might like to share on the blog site.

Though we may not be able to respond to many of them, please know they would be appreciated. We thank you in advance for any comments you contribute.


John’s children
Arthur, Monique & Mark


  1. Sheila Connelly says

    Oh John, grateful for your friendship. You sure will be missed!

  2. So sorry to hear of your Dads passing. After knowing and working for him and Monique, I was so excited to finally find them online. I so looked forward to his blogs and loved learning more about all he did with his life after I left Auburn. He was an amazing man who I am sure all of you were proud of. I read on his blog about your mom’s passing not that long ago, the family will be in my thoughts and prayers, so hard losing a parent but losing both so close together must be heartbreaking. I tried to reach Monique when I heard about your mom but her email changed. I am so sad that I won’t be able to read his stories anymore. I do have one of his books (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and will check Amazon for the others. My heart goes out to each of you, I really miss all of you. I so enjoyed working for your Dad and getting to know all of you as well. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

  3. John Aschieris says

    Dear John, I am so happy for you to have been released from the limitations of our human life. Hopefully the future will be without the challenges of the physical difficulties that come our way. For myself I am sad that we will no longer share the joy of our friendship and our frequent communications. On the positive note we have been friends for a long time. Since you presented your program on your Peace Corp experience to the members at The Oasis Senior Center in Newport Beach. That was our first meeting and I so enjoyed giving you a ride home and having a McDonald’s coffee on the way. It has been one of my life’s great pleasures to know you and continue that friendship over so many years. I hope I will be just like you when I grow up as you have packed your 92 years with a maximum of fabulous living. Hopefully your life will be even more wonderful from this point and that we shall meat again to resume our mutual enjoyment. Happy Trails.

    John Aschieris

  4. Artie Lynnworth says

    Sorry to read this news. Thank you for letting us know. Those of us who were honored to have met John know what an influence he has had around the world, enriching the lives of others. My wife and I first met John in Chile, South America, in 2004, where we were living at the time. His book, “Around the World at 75,” included our visit. He was an inspiration and actually motivated me to become an author too, publishing 4 books, thanks to his role-model personality. He will be in our hearts always. It’s nice to know that his blog will also be with us as well.
    Artie and Margy

  5. SO SORRY to hear of your father,’s, John, passing. He was a very special man. He spoke to our Lifelong Learning group (SSILL) in Guilford, CT a few times and was always so well received. I enjoyed his blog and stayed connected with him on it. What a remarkable person to have worked with the Peace Core at a very “older” age. He was a model for everyone. He loved people and made friends very easily. He will be missed.
    Connie Fusco

  6. So sad about John; so glad about reconnecting with him a few years ago, after a long hiatus. He and I first met in 1981, at a mortgagee’s auction sale. He assumed the ownership of 5 State Street, Worcester, MA, a multi-family property. I was engaged as his architect to design the overhaul of it. It was a delightful collaboration. He located his office in part of the ground floor. The French inspired metal canopy over his former office door is still there with fleur-de-lis, though the gold leaf is now painted black. It was a real pleasure to work with him. He was always a gentleman. We socialized, but then lives get busy, people lose touch… When sorting old files, I came across the Worcester project, wondered where he was and after a search, found his website and reached out to him. He was very pleased, as I was. We had some good conversations and catching up. I acquired and read his travel books. He had a fabulous life adventure and touched and inspired many people. He will be missed.

  7. I’m very sad to hear the news of John’s passing. My heartfelt condolences to Monique, Marc, Arthur, and all his family and friends. I met John in the early 1980’s at a Worcester Property Owner’s Association meeting. The WPOA was beginning to grow professionally. I was the secretary and asked the attendees at a meeting asking for volunteers to create a brochure for the WPOA. John was the only volunteer. Monique had a part in creating that brochure in their office at 5 State St., all pro-bono, if I remember right. John and I became friends right away. I credit John for getting me back into simple outdoor activities like bicycling, canoeing, and sailing. One of these excursions included overnight camping, and a visit to an historic park, in Lexington or Concord, MA. It was getting time to look for a place to camp overnight. The park was now closed, John was lingering …. he said, “right here looks good”. I rebutted, but John, the park is closed, and there is no camping allowed. His reply, “Perfect, no one will bother us”. That’s where we pitched our tents and slept for the night, undisturbed. John had a goal to swim across the entire length of Lake Singletary, in Millbury, MA, the long way. He did that one afternoon without complete conviction that he could do it. The swim was over a mile, and he finished without stopping to rest. I happily spotted him in a canoe. John was my longtime friend, mentor, always positive and encouraging. He supported me during my rough patches. I happily helped him on one of his troublesome projects. John, you are now and always will be present in my heart and memories. I will miss you, our phone conversations, along with your always interesting blogs.

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