December 5, 2022

To Purchase My Books

It’s easy! You’re on the right page.

My simple answer: wherever books are sold. In many cases, from this website right here right now!
PLEASE REMEMBER, FIRST: If you want three or more books, I believe you’ll save money by ordering them directly from me. Whether the same title or a mix of various titles.
If you want the digital version of one of them, or a disk of the Companion Photo Album that goes with my Around the World Book, you can get either only through me.
You’ll find  an easy Order Form to buy them from me farther down this page.
PLEASE REMEMBER, SECOND: each of my books is available in 3 versions: As books.  Or e-Books, 0r Digital Books (PDFs). Your choice!

Let me explain each type right now.

As Books. My books are available from Amazon, com. Other online booksellers. Conventional bookstores by special order. Or from me for the purchase of 3 or more –discount available!

NOTE. If the book you want is my Around Asia book, do consider also its Companion Photo Album.  It’s  available as a DVD or CD or Digital Attachment.

As E-Books–electronic books. These are conversions of the original books. They can be read on e-readers such as the Kindle, the Nook. the Ipad, and many more. Also on the increasing number of smart phones. Also on  your desktop computer, laptop, or small netbook. I happen to have a Kindle but at times I read books on my computer–my desktop and my notebook. Incidentally, I’m told e-books may look slightly different on various ebook readers.

My  e-books are available right now — today — at and, as well as from other vendors.

PDF books (digital versions) are excellent replicas of  print books. The E-books look good, of course , but the   PDFs are exact replicas! The PDFs are available only from  me.

The PDFs will be sent to you as email attachments. Of couse, you may print them whole or in parts if that is your pleasure.

To order from any supplier, merely give my name and the title or titles.

Remembers, these make wonderful gifts!

           ~ ~ ~ ~


Remember: e-Books are available only from other vendors, as explained. Not from me.

HOW MANY           TITLES                                           PRICE                               TOTAL

_________        My Peace Corps Book                             $24.95                           $ ______

_________        My Around The World book                 $18.95                           $ _______

__________      My ATW Companion Photo DVD          $7.95                           $______

__________      My ATW Companion Photo CD             $7.95                            $______

__________       My Around Asia book                            $16.95                            $_______

__________      My Peace Corps Digital Book (PDF)      $9.95                            $______

__________      My Around the World Digital Book (PDF)      $9.95                 $______

__________      My Around Asia Digital Book (PDF)      $9.95                           $______

                                                                                                                   TOTAL      $______

Shipping and Handling  for your entire order         $4.00

Include 6.5% sales tax if you reside in Connecticut          $______

Take 10% discount if your order is $____ or more     Discount $_____

Your  Amount Due is the  TOTAL minus your Discount – A GRAND TOTAL of    $______

Your name (Please PRINT)  ____________________________________

Street ___________________   City _____________  State  ____    ZIP  ___

Mail to the above ( ___ ) or different person  ( ___ ) Mark with an X.

If different:  Name ________________________

Street ________________________________

City _____________________     State  ____      ZIP  ________

PRINT FORM, fill in information, and mail it with your check or money order to:

John Guy LaPlante, 92 Main St., Deep River, CT 06417.

Enjoy the books!  I’ll send them ASAP.









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