December 5, 2022

Look at the list of chapters

Here  are all the  headings. Do look them over.

You’ll see all the ground I covered and get a good idea of the pleasures and challenges I encountered. My sister Lucie came with me (lucky me), but only half-way–we both knew she’d have had to return home for a not-to-be-missed event.

It may make you want to do the same thing! I hope so. If you have an opportunity to go to these remarkable places, take it!

1 / Asia, Here We Come … my sister Lucie and I, with our hopes high but very nervous. Of course!

2/ Shanghai … it used to be a scary place, but now one of the great metropolises of the world.

3 /Hangzhou … we had never heard of it, but now we’ll never forget it. For good reasons.

4/ Tokyo … so many surprises. Just one: the Japanese make so many cars, but so many ride bikes.

5 / Hong Kong … Also notorious long ago, but now a destination city not to be missed, as we found out.

6 / Macau … Just a tiny place, but a world-wide mecca for folks who love to gamble. We didn’t lose a penny.

7 / Singapore … It’s tiny, but a fabulous city that ranks right up there with London and Paris. We couldn’t wait!

8 / Kuala Lumpur … whoever heard of it! But its twin towers are among the world’s tallest. A city so interesting.

9 / Bangkok … We all know how fabulous France’s Versailles is. Well, this is the Versailles of Asia!

10/ Hanoi … You’d never guess that these fine people went through so much horror, much of it at our hands.

11/ South to Saigon … Vietnam is a long, long country, but I get to travel the whole exciting length of it.

12/ Ho Chi Minh City … this is its new name, but it still exudes the charm and influence of its days under France.

13/ The Mekong Delta … this was a side trip…no way I could say no to it…and it turned out so worthwhile.

14/ By Bus to Phnom Penh … what’s a trip without adventure, and by going there I was fully rewarded.

15/ Phnom Penh … a city of great suffering and misery, but not to be missed to get a true awareness of it.

16 / Manila … the bustling, bursting country of a thousand islands. Surprise: I meet a dentist here, professionally!

17 / Honolulu … I  had been to 49 states. Getting here made Hawaii my 50th. Whoopee!

18/ Maui … so many lovers of Hawaii love Maui, and I get to see  why. Meet interesting people, too.

Plus Travel Tips Throughout The Book!

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