December 5, 2022

Do take a look at it

I laugh, I cry, I worry. I rejoice. I celebrate. I moan. So, lots to write about. Excuse me. To use today’s lingo, to blog about.

Like to read? Enjoy a variety of topics? You’ll probably enjoy my posts.

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Why do I do this?  I enjoy writing.

In the old days, I would write something for a newspaper or a magazine and that would be it. I assumed people would read it. Otherwise, why would an editor keep publishing me?

Maybe a reader would pass it on to another. But I rarely knew whether that was happening, or how much or how often.  I’m sure most newspaper writers feel the same way.

The Computer Age has changed all that. Blogs are common, as you know.  The concept of blogs is wonderful. At their best, blogs enrich our lives.

There are blogs about every subject imaginable. Good and bad blogs. It all depends on your taste. If you like the books I write, I’m confident you will enjoy my blog. Because I keep my prose simple and make it interesting and educational. You’ll find it time well spent.

My blog is a grab bag. The  posts I send off are varied and unpredictable.  For me, too. I have little idea of what I am going to write about next. It may be about a person. Or a trip. Or an idea. Or an encounter. Or an accident. Anything. Who knows? I write about it because I myself find the topic interesting. That’s a must.

You see,, I’m curious in the extreme. It’s a major reason I became a journalist. I am fascinated by this and that. That’s a basic for a journalist. It makes life interesting. So I write about this and that.

My blog doesn’t go out on a regular basis, like a newspaper or a magazine. It goes out when I have something to put in it. I may produce something every week. I may skip a week. I may skip two weeks. I may get excited about something today, and send it off to you tomorrow. It all depends.

You don’t have to read every post, or the whole post. We are all busy. Some things interest us more than others. I understand. If something does not appeal, you can ignore it. You can put an end to my blog itself. Just let me know and I’ll cancel your subscription. Not a problem.

Give it a try!

~ ~ ~


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