December 5, 2022

My Books

All three are shown at the right. Each is described below. All are also ebooks and PDFs.


27 Months in the Peace Corps.

My Story, Unvarnished.

514 pages. 146 photos. $24.95

Tons of anecdotes, facts, advice, and tips.

      To order it, click on my Peace Corps book on the right.

     This is my latest book.

     It’s the story of my full hitch in Peace Corps. Some Volunteers quit and come home early.At times because it’s so tough.

     I tell you everything I went through, good and not so good. My assignments. My bosses. My pay. My fellow Volunteers. My perks.My hopes. Worries.

     About the culture shock.The families I lived with. What I liked. What went wrong. What I saw in Peace Corps that should be fixed. This is why I call it “My Story, Unvarnished.”

      It’s a must-read if you’re tempted to sign up. Or just want to know more about Peace Corps because it’s such a good outfit doing much good.


                       Around the World at 75. Alone, Dammit!                                                  

316 pages. 75 Photos. $18.95.

        It includes my BackPack Section — 36 pages full of  valuable and original advice and tips!

  To order it, click on my Around the World book on the right.

    This was my first book.

     Yes, it’s  about my dream trip  all around around our planet!

The earth’s maximum circumference is 26,000 miles. I traveled nearly 37,000 and I even crossed the Equator. Every continent except the North and South Poles.

I started with my good friend, Keith. But soon he dropped out. I was shocked. And that’s why I yelled, “Dammit!”

How, how could I go on all alone? Not easy. But I did it. .I made it! Yes, what a grand, magnificent adventure!

You’ll enjoy my book whether you’re a contented armchair traveler, or yearning to get up and go yourself.

    I also created for it what I call its Companion Photo Show. It gives you HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS not available in the book! All in color. I describe each one in my own voice. It’s available in CD and DVD editions, your choice.

   There are separate photos for each place I went to. Read the book, enjoy the Photo Companion!

Around Asia in 80 Days.

Oops, 83!

281 pages. 335 Photos – full pages of photos!  $16.95.

39 original Travel Tips! Anecdotes aplenty!

To order it, click on my Around Asia book on the right.

    This one tells you about my next big adventure!

   Here’s how it happened. I had  to go to Shanghai for the kick-0ff of the Chinese edition of my Around the World book (the book above this one).

That done, I took off on a swing of fabulous cities in eight exotic countries.  I was lucky–my sister  Lucie came along! What a good companion. Soon she had to fly home. What to do? I went on alone. Daunting. But I made it!

I had hoped it would be a great trip. It turned even better than I hoped, even with all the challenges and difficulties. Read it and you’ll see why. You’ll also learn a lot. Much of it useful and very worthwhile.


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