December 5, 2022

My Companion Photo Album (DVD or CD)

“A click of the camera can lock in a precious memory forever.”

I have 89 photos in my book. But I took 1,500. Not all were good, of course, but many were excellent. Best of all, they gave me as I looked at them later an extra dimension of what I experienced. It came to me how my readers might enjoy them, and how useful these pictures would be to them if and when they planned a trip of their own to those areas.

So I got my big idea: I’d make a Photo Album. One easy and enjoyable to flip through. But not the bulky old-fashioned kind. A Digital Photo Album. That would make it simple to store and to carry around. And reasonably priced – much cheaper than a thick leather album crammed with hundreds of glossy Kodak pictures.

 My CD / DVD Photo Album is the happy result.

I have made a careful selection of the pictures, weeding out the poor ones. I’ve organized them in the same common-sense format as the book – by the cities I visited. You can read, let’s say, about Cairo in the Cairo chapter in the book, then look at the pictures in the Cairo section in the Photo Album.

All the pictures had to be small, sadly. But here they are BIG. In the book they had to be in black and white. But here they are in gorgeous color. Beautiful.

I explain each picture when necessary. I tell you what it is about, and mention any special circumstances about taking it. Such as how I had to stand on a rickety platform for the pictures of the alligator in the great pen below. Or how the old man in Tokyo demanded that I pay him after I took his picture.

I designed my book and my album to be enjoyed together. You can read in the book, then look immediately at the color pictures that go with that section. Marvelous. Or you can read the whole book, then enjoy the album pictures later.

Or you can make a whole evening of it, with your family and friends, on your TV. You must have a DVD player, of course, but so many people have one now. Or enjoy in short sessions by yourself, perhaps on your computer, when you’re in the mood. Or when you’re about to visit that city yourself. What a good introduction that would be.

Enjoy! Yes, enjoy. How pleasant it is to learn about our world, especially when we yearn for a day when we can set out on our own to discover it first-hand.


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