December 5, 2022

Here are all the chapters

This run-down will tell you a whole lot about the book and what I went through in my hitch.

Take a minute and run your eyes over the  list.

You’ll get a good idea of the many things that I cover, and how I worked to make the book helpful and informative and entertaining.

Pay particular attention, please, to Chapters 40 through 43. That’s where I sound off!

1 /  Why this book?

Simple. To tell you what Peace Corps is really like.

2 /  The Corps’ surprising start

1960: President Kennedy’s call inspired many. Me!

3 /  How I got this weird idea

Strange how it popped up! At a concert, of  all places.

4 /  I am nominated!

I’m nearly in. But there are“if’s” ahead. It’s time to break the news!

5 /  The Staging. So exciting!

Bad luck getting to Philadelphia for it. I barely make it.

6 /  Wow! We’re in Ukraine!

Our Peace Corps bosses welcome us. And warn us.

7 /  My first ‘family’

I move in. They’re so nice to me as I suffer through the first days.

8 /  Russian! So hard!

For 12 weeks we sit, concentrate, and memorize. I fear I will flunk.

9 /  Saturdays…more study.

 We’re tackling ‘Technical Training.’ It’s practical stuff!

10 /  Where will I be posted?

Surprise: right here! I’m upset. Then delighted.

11 /  I take the oath

What a memorable ceremony. Then, we rush to our posts.

12 /  My job at school

I teach but the job shifts. I’m happy. And unhappy.

13 /  Things at school sour

Dean Olena and I are not hitting it off. A bad day: I blow my stack!

14 /  My second ‘family’

I move in with Ira and her son. It works out. But then…

15 /  I follow Peace Corps orders

I have to get set up with the cops and my bank. Not that easy.

16 /  I’m given a second job!

I’m to start an English club. Well, I start a French club, too.

17 /  I have a fantasy!

It’s to digitalize this library! Or for sure it will die.

18 /  A chance meeting

My new pal plays a big role in my English Club. And my life.

19 /  One more fantasy!

What crazy public transit here! I see a way to make it better.

20 /  A Rotary Club here!

I am a Rotarian. This city needs a Rotary Club!

21 /  I move to Family 3!

For good reasons! My friends help me. Ira takes it hard.

22 /  My computer life!

I needed a computer here from Day 1! Finally I get set up.

23 / The mail! Oh, my!

The problems started soon, caused me big IRS headaches.

24 /  My expat friends

I meet all four by accident. How they make my life better!

25 /  ‘Expect the unexpected!

It’s good advice. Mishaps befall me. Quirky things come up.

26 /   Getting thru the holidays 

They’re happy…but sad, too.

27 /  I meet the PC doctors

I get to see them for this and that. An emergency. Then another!

28 / A troubling op-ed

A former Volunteer criticizes Peace Corps. I respond.

29 /   Off I go to Shanghai  

My friend Wu is getting married. Annabelle joins me.

30 /   Annabelle visits me

She flies to Ukraine, meets my friends, sees my life close up.

31 /  I get involved in SNAC

It’s not long before I get in deeper and deeper.

32 /  My life with Tanya

She gives me a good  home. But oh, what frustrations!

33 /  My life with the bosses

I develop a big problem and some smaller ones.

34 /  I came here to write.

I get to work… but feel I’m being censored!

35 /   I get to travel a lot

I pack up and hit the road. Even to other countries.

36 /  And back home, what?

27 months can create stresses. Some things can go sour.

37 /  My successes & failures

I put my best into all this. Some things could go better.

38 / Preparing to go home

It‘s a process to join Peace Corps, another to get out.

39 / Life after Peace Corps.

It can be so enlarging—how good to have tried it!

40 /  So, what do I think now?

I’ve formed strong opinions. One:Peace Corps needs changes.

41 /  Tips & Advice for you

I learned so much. I want to be helpful, so I’m passing it on to you.

42 /  Thinking in the night

What would JFK think now? How will Obama carry on?

43 /  Now what about YOU?

Interested in being a Volunteer? Yes? No? Maybe?


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