December 5, 2022

What others say about it

Reviews keep coming in.

They’re interesting and helpful.

  They’ll give you valuable guidance.

    There are two ways you can get to read them.

 1. For a variety of opinions about the book, go to Click “Books.” Then type in “27 Months in the Peace Corps. My Story, Unvarnished.”

That will take you to my book and the info about how to buy it. But notice the Reviews button and how many reviews it has garnered.  And notice how many stars each reviewer gave the book.  Then read the reviews. It’s that simple.

2. Or, much simpler, read the review by Woody Boynton that is printed below. At the very least, doing that will save you time. Then if you like, check the reviews at

I admit it. Woody Boynton is a friend of mine. A good friend. He’s a senior like me but barely a senior. And he, too, served in the Peace Corps. He served as a very young man. So what he says about Peace Corps is truly significant, allthough he served in its infancy.  I served when it was about to hit 50. The same outfit, the same pride, the same gung-ho spirit. But differences, of course.

Yes, Woody is a good friend, but he doesn’t say something just because he knows it will please .  We all admire a person for being candid.  Well, that’s what we say. But getting a spoonful of a friend’s candor can be very unpleasant. Isn’t that true? In my case, pleasant. Read his comments below and you’ll see why.      

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer. I got assigned to Micronesia in 1966 when the Peace Corps went there. Things have changed a lot.     One thing is still the same. A Peace Corps tour is not easy. It takes mental toughness to survive and flourish.

You get sent to a far-off place to do worthwhile work. You‘ve probably never heard of the place. You‘d never go there for a vacation. You may still go to a primitive place. Or you may go to a more advanced place, but tough in a different way, such as John‘s Ukraine. The culture shock, the challenges, the problems, the anxiety are much the same. It isn‘t easy!

But there are big rewards and satisfactions, too, wherever you get sent. You‘ll be proud. And you‘ll come home stronger and better equipped.

John deals with this. He tells about the good, the bad, and the ugly of his tour. A lot of good, in his case, but a bit of ugly, too. His stories will make it alive for you.

A tour is not for everybody. John’s book is the best picture of a full tour (some Volunteers don‘t finish). It‘s a fine read for anyone interested in Peace Corps—this is its 50th anniversary, and it has accomplished a whole lot.

And his book is a must-read if you have any thought of signing up. You‘ll find out if Peace Corps is for you.

Read it on the beach in July. Or by a warm fire on a cold night. Or when flying somewhere. Anywhere, anytime. For good info, and pleasure, too. Especially before you commit!

He‘s loaded it with tips and advice. And photos.

                                Signed:  Woody (WR) Boynton / Volunteer, 1966.

Now, if you want the opinion of others, do go read the reviews at Why not right now?

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