March 2, 2021

Friends, four things to tell you today.

Yes, just four!

And I’ll make this short and sweet. Impossible, some of you are thinking. It’s 180 degrees contrary to my nature.

 Well, I’ll prove to you right now that I can write short and sweet.

 1.Thank you to those of you who let me know that you got my “I’m blogging again” post. Very nice of you.

 2. Some of you asked whether I’m okay. You were worried about my unusual silence. I am! Your concern made me feel good.

 3. If you haven’t gotten a thank you note from me yet, my apologies, please. So busy here! I’ll do my best to catch up.

 4. This is a further test that the app that I use to deliver my posts to you is truly doing its job. If you get this, just send me three words back, please: “John, got it!” And I’ll know I’m back in business.

 Have I been short and sweet? Oh, come on now! (Chuckle, please!)

 Best!  John


I’m finally blogging again. Whoopee!

Yes sir, this makes me a most happy fellow!

What happened is that a freak WordPress snafu put me out of business. Just temporarily, I hoped at first. But then for keeps, I feared.

It was a whopping blow. WordPress is the app I’ve used for many a year to compose and then email my posts to you. You may not know it but WordPress is the most popular blogging app of all, I ‘m told. I’m just one of thousands of scribblers who count on it.

Well, when I noticed the breakdown I sent all of you an email! SOS! SOS! ”Please let me know if you get this SOS!” And I explained my humongous problem. The feedback would help diagnose the problem.

But darn, I got only four responses out of the nearly 500 alerts that I sent out. Oh my oh my!

The truth is that blogging on a variety of topics as I do is all-important to me. It’s being who I am and what I am. It may  sound but it’s a fact. Sure, I’m in my 90th year and getting a wee bit old to be doing this, you may think but I love it and quitting — well, quitting would be hard to accept.

So, how to handle this WordPress headache?

I immediately contacted two longtime friends who are very savvy in just about anything and everything digital. They’ve been wonderful. They would help me again, I was sure. But gosh, they were up tied up with challenges of their own.  I could understand that. No problem.

Of course, I mentioned my plight to my daughter Monique and David, her hubby. ”Dont worry,” David told me right away. ”I’ll call Tom!”

Wonderful! Tom is an old buddy of his. I’ve met Tom and his wife Tulsi several times over the years when they’ve visited Monique and David. Tom is a long-time digital consultant.

They live in Southern California near San Diego. Monique and David have been swapping visits wtth them as long as I remember. I knew I’d be in good hands. I relaxed a bit.

Tom diagnosed the problem from way down there and fixed it. His solution was to use a new app, well to me, called Mail Chimp. Very popular. WordPress would piggyback on Mail Chimp. In fact, Nigel, one of my two savvy tech friends, had mentioned Mail Chimp as a solution.

Tom set it up for me and I’ll be using it in sending this to you.  I’m looking forward to sleeping better tonight, believe me.

So this is my first new post. Hey, I’m back in the saddle again!

So, as inspiration hits me, I’ll craft a new post now and then and send it to you.  Hope you’ll enjoy these fresh ruminations of mine.

Do feel free to forward them to others who you think might also enjoy them. Or send me their contact info and I’ll be delighted to put them on my list.

If you don’t enjoy my posts, or if you’re too busy to read them, let me know and I’ll unsubscribe you. An easy matter. Subscribers is what WordPress calls regular recipients.

If you’re a regular reader, I’d enjoy a comment about them now and then. A bit of personal news from you would be nice, too. This chatting with you and other subscribers brightens my day.  Really does.

Snafus do happen, as we know. I’m praying I’ll be spared another for a long while. You’d feel the same way, right?

* * * * *

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