October 23, 2017

Important background!

Here are insights about them.

I wrote each one–all of them!– because I had something special to say to you. Here’s how I went about it.

~ First, I tried to make them genuinely helpful. I wanted you to learn from what I had been through. At the end of any of my books I wanted you to think, “Gosh, I’m glad I read that!”

~ I tried to cram them with as much information as I could, and to make that info as accurate as possible.

I wanted to make each one interesting. Who wants to read a dull book? Would you read it through if I gave you a book that was dull and dreary? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t.

~ I put in lots of extras.  Look at the end of every chapter in any of my books and you’ll find an extra tidbit that is helpful and interesting. Depending on the book, I packed in extra information specific to that book.

One example is the BackPack section at the end of my Around the World Book. Another are the chapters at the end of my Peace Corps book in which I make some carefully considered criticisms; recommend changes in Peace Corps;  and give you specific tips and advice if you’re thinking of joining.

Still another are the practical Travel Tips–learned through my own hard experience!–that I sprinkle throughout my Around Asia book. And you will find other extras.

~ For each book I created a special map to make everything clearer for you.

~ I packed in as many pictures as I could. “A  photo is worth a thousand words!” Lots of truth to that!

My Peace Corps book has 145.

My Around the World book has 73.

My Around Asia book has 335.

~ And I kept each book honest. Everything that I say happened did happen. I didn’t make anything up. I did not over-emphasize or over-dramatize or keep something out for any reason. I double-checked the facts. I’ve been passionate about this.

The bottom line: each of my books has been an act of love.

The same is true of my website.

~ In my website I give you facts about each book. I give you a sample chapter so you can get you the flavor of my writing. I give you a list of all the chapters to let you see get a good idea of the content. And I give you the opportunity to see what other readers have to say about the book. In other words, I want you to be able to make an informed decision.

~ I’ve put in all kinds of extras.  You’ll find specific info about each of my books. A list of chapters to give you a solid idea of what the book covers. I give you a sample chapter to give you the flavor of my writing and the depth of the info I am providing. And I give you the opportunity to read what other readers have said about the book.

This is what you deserve. I feel proud to have done it.

Writing a book is a major task. As a young man I built our house. Writing a serious book is just as much work. But worth doing.

~ ~ ~