December 5, 2022

Tips aplenty for you

Yes, in all, I’ve tucked in three dozen for you!

Here are two samples. I picked them at random….

Travel Tip 12. I wouldn’t buy air tickets to several destinations abroad without getting a quote from two or more consolidators. All the tickets for my round-the-world trip (20 airlines!) were bought from a consolidator, in San Francisco, one of two I consulted.

For your information: The other was
The folks at Airtrek are experts in multi-destination foreign travel. Often both consolidators, Airbrokers and Airtrek, sell tickets at a discount thanks to special arrangements with airlines. I believe I saved lots of money. Plus I got to value their advice.

Travel Tip 13. In my experience, when people travel abroad,
they think in terms of planes. They will take a plane here, then another
there, often for short distances. There are alternatives worth thinking
about. Trains. Buses. Ships or boats. They may be more practical. They
may be cheaper. Certainly you will see much more.
I use whatever works best. I used trains and buses on this trip. I
fared better in every way. And I got to see a lot more.

I’ve squeezed Tips in for you at the end of every chapter where I had room. I’ve done this wherever possible.Why waste good space?

These were Tips I had picked up on my own, through my own travels and my own experience. Each trip made my travels easier, or safer, or saved me money.  I still put these Tips to good use in my continuing travels.

My hope was that they would help you in your own travels. Knowing that I have done this is the only reward I want.  So do look at these many Tips, and do profit from them whenever and wherever you can!

My philosophy is simple: To make my books as valuable as possible for you.

~ ~ ~


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