December 5, 2022

Need a speaker?

I felt panicky when I began speaking in public. Who doesn’t? But people have been patient and now I get a kick out of it.

People enjoy not only my scribblings. They enjoy my talks!

I speak at libraries and clubs and churches and colleges and senior centers. To just about any group.  And my fees won’t break your budget.

I used to get nervous talking in front of people. I’ve broken through!

I enjoy it now. Get a great kick out of meeting interesting people, entertaining them, and urging them to get up and go, too! And chatting with them and making new friends.

People in my audiences learn a lot. And  laugh a lot. It’s a great experience for them. And me.

I love to talk about my travels, and to encourage others to travel.

I believe traveling is an essential  part of our ongoing education, whether we’re college students, working people on vacations, or senior citizens. On group tours, sure, but better on our, with a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. To another state, another country, even around the world.

There was a time when I never thought I would do the traveling I’ve done. Know what? I’ve found out it doesn’t take any special talent. Just the right attitude! I’ll bet you can do it, too. And I show how in my talks.

I also delight in encouraging folks to become Volunteers in Peace Corps. A challenging experience, yes, but so worthwhile and so rewarding. We serve our country, we do good things for needy folks in a struggling country, and we do good for ourselves, also, and in surprising ways. Wonderful!

I take pleasure in speaking to groups in libraries, clubs, senior centers, schools, a surprising variety of places. Wherever! And I keep my fees low.  This way I can reach out to more people.

I’d be pleased to put you in touch with folks who have actually listened to me–you can contact them to find out what they think of me!

Please send me a note at and tell me about your organization and possible dates. I’ll get back to you quickly. Will answer all your questions! Will make it nice and easy for you!


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