December 5, 2022

What I can talk about

 I’m ready with exciting topics. You’ll learn a lot and have fun.

Look carefully at my offerings. Decide what appeals to you and let me know.

~ ‘How I made it through a full hitch in Peace Corps. At age 80!’

~ ‘Have you ever considered Peace Corps? Well, it’s not too late.’

~ ‘Surprises….good and not so good…about Peace Corps.’

~‘My Grand Adventure: Around the World at 75. Alone, Dammit!’

~ ‘The smart ways of planning any big trip.’

~ ‘My tested tricks for traveling better, safer, and cheaper.’

~ ‘Some surprises about traveling in Asia.’

~ ‘How to travel with a computer. And how not to!’

I have others, too. Tell me what interests you. Maybe I can help by offering you

some interesting fresh ideas. Simply email me at

Let’s get something going. If you like, give me your phone number and I’ll call you back.

We can work everything out.

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