December 5, 2022

Why ‘Dammit’?

Yes, why the heck did I say that? Dammit?

Well, in my shoes, you would have said the same, I’m sure. Or worse!

So many people ask that question! It comes up all the time! I tell them and they laugh!

We started out two, me and my friend Keith. I had wanted someone to accompany me. Someone to share the wonderful experience … to lend support in the bad moments which surely would come along.

   Milady Annabelle couldn’t come – bad knee. My grandson Ryan couldn’t come – school. My friend Keith agreed to come. It was going to be, “All for one and one for all!”

   But Keith quit and flew home after only 20 days! Awful news!

Dammit! Yes, I blurted it! How, how, how could I go on alone to all those strange places? Some primitive. Some scary.

I decided I had to try.  It had taken so long to plan the trip. Our tickets had cost so much money. It would be embarrassing to go home and face everybody. Well,  made it.

Dammit! became Hallelujah!

~ ~ ~ ~

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