December 5, 2022

My Peace Corps Book



It’s the fast-paced sequel to my Around the World book.

In it you will enjoy more adventure, more fun, more good stuff.

I believe you’ll love it.

280 pages. 17 Destinations.  335 Photos!


Plus a big and valuable bonus: 36 unique Travel Tips
to make your own travels better and save you money!

There are many special features. 

As a starter: I  made a big effort to make the book as complete and practical and true as possible.

I wanted it to be not only a good read. I wanted to make it a helpful read. Even an inspiring and life-changing book because you may be thinking of serving in Peace Corps. Or you have a son or a daughter, or even a friend at work, or even a retiree that you may think would get a lot out of being a Volunteer.

“How can I help my readers?” I asked  when I contemplated writing the book. “Truly help them?”

That’s why I packed my book with extra features.

~ I not only announce each chapter as Chapter 1, or Chapter 2, and so on. A lot of authors get away with just that.

I give each chapter an exact title, such as “I have a fantasy!” And then a two-line subtitle, such as (in this case) “It’s to digitalize this great library. It must get with it. Or for sure it will die.”

My point is: I want you to know what the chapter is about. I don’t want you to waste your time.

~ I squeezed in many photos, of course. Nearly 150! With captions! Photos are essential to tell a story. And captions to understand the photo.

~ Space allowing, at the end of every chapter I  tucked in a “Did you know….” It’s a tidbit about Peace Corps: a significant fact, maybe little known. An insight. A suggestion. A surprise. Something I feel you should know.

I closed the book with two chapters that were not easy to write. They were challenging, and in one, somewhat painful.

It is entitled “My successes & failures.” It is Chapter 37.  It is easy to talk about successes. But important to be restrained. Not boastful. But not easy to talk about failures. But I wanted you to know! Who succeeds at everything in life? Plus, I felt that my failures would tell you a lot about Peace Corps itself.

Another is Chapter 40. I called it, “So, what do I think now?” I mean about Peace Corps. Peace Corps is a fine outfit. I’m enormously proud I served. But not perfect. I mention warts and bigger imperfections. But not only that. I make suggestions and recommendations. Again, I felt that you should know. This is why I used the adjective “unvarnished” to tell you about the story you would find in my book.

You will find other bold and provocative stuff in it.

And as always, I tried to write it in an interesting and significant and compelling way. With strong bones and a lot of flesh on them. A truly good read!

When you read it, write a review of it yourself. You’ll be helping potential readers.

~ ~ ~ ~


Remember, it’s an ebook also.

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