December 5, 2022

Choose the best book format!


My! How reading is changing!  We have so many different ways to read now!                

Have you experimented a bit? I have.

Here I am with an e-book reader! But this doesn’t mean I’m giving up paper books. Notice in foreground! I do admit that I own a Kindle. And yes, I do enjoy it at times!

Books used to come only one way. Printed on paper, with a cover, and a title.

That’s how I’ve read books all my life. With satisfaction and no complaints.

Now we have so many new types of books. First, ebooks — electronic books (for Kindles and Nooks and so many other electronic book readers, including IPads and similar). PDF’s, easy to read on a computer and smart phones. and Audiobooks–so popular!

You  may read books in these different forms.

My books are available ss print books, of course. Also ebooks. Also digital editions (PDFs). Not audiobooks. Where to get them?  You can do it right from home.

For Print Books: / or wwwbuybooks on the / and many other online outlets. All by email.

For Ebooks: the same way.

For Digital books (PDFs). Only from me at the moment. You can buy one at one at one of my public talks. That would be nice. I’d get to meet you. And I could sign it for you.

Or just email me: price this way is only $6.  And you would get the pdf in minutes as an attachment when I reply. Do it right now. After you get it, simply mail me a check. I’ll trust you.

If you want several print books , email me and I’ll give you a discount. CLICK HERE to get to the Order Page. 

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