December 5, 2022

Why I blog

Blogging is work. It really is. But it is work I love. I’m tickled when people tell me they enjoyed something I wrote.


Why do I blog? Glad you’re wondering. I blog because it’s one more way to get what I write out to readers.

In the old days, I would write something for a newspaper or a magazine and it would be published and that would be it. Sometimes I’d get comments. Sometimes none. Frustrating to me.

Sometime the reaction to an article or a column or an essay was so silent that I wondered whether anybody at all was reading it! But I assumed they were. After all, why would an editor or publisher keep publishing me if I  got no readers?

The Computer Age has changed all that.  Blogs are common, as you know. There are blogs about every subject imaginable.  Good or bad? It all depends on your taste.

More than ever, blogging is a two-way street. It is so easy for readers to respond. Writers want comments back!

If you’re familiar with my work, I suspect you will enjoy what I write here for you.

What is this blog of mine about? Fair question. It’s a grab bag.  Meaning that its contents are varied. Maybe about a person. Or a happening. Or an opinion I want to share. Or something historical. Who knows? Yes, much variety.

I have little idea of what I am going to write about next. Which means, too, that you don’t know what you’ll receive next.

I’m curious in the extreme. It’s one reason I became a journalist. It’s basic for a journalist. I am fascinated by this and that.  It makes life interesting. So I write about this and that.

My blog doesn’t go out on a regular basis, the way a newspaper or a magazine does. It goes out when I have something to send you. I may send you something every week. I may skip a week. Maybe two weeks. I may get excited about something today, and send it off to you tonight. It all depends.

I don’t expect you to read every piece, or all of every piece, though maybe you will.  We are all busy. Some things interest us more than others. I understand. It makes sense.

If you like something that arrives from me, good. You can pass it on to somebody else. If you don’t, ignore it.  In fact, if you’re not interested at all, or don’t have time for it, just let me know and I’ll delete your name from my mailing list. Not a problem.

So what’s the risk?

Give it a try.

And send me a comment now and then. If you like it or don’t like it. And a comment can lead to a dialog. Which may  start a friendship. How wonderful!

~ ~ ~ ~


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